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Susan Tiede

Owner/Instructor I am married to by best friend, am the mother of 4 married children, and have 10.5 beautiful grandchildren.  I cherish the time I get to spend with the my family.  I love life, sunshine, good food, clear sparkling water, traveling, and learning! I give God credit for all that is good in my life and am grateful for the blessings he so abundantly pours out upon me.  I believe the trials in our lives can become our greatest blessings and wish that I had more time in every day.

Caralie Cash

Instructor I am a wife, mother of 4, student, teacher, business owner, cheerleader, chauffer, tutor, daughter, friend, maid and a mediocre cook.  I have a deep belief in God, and He makes up all the difference in my world.  I feel guilty every time I eat sugar, and happy every time I hit a green light. I enjoy reading, running and organic gardening. My family is my greatest blessing and my highest priority.

Foot Zone Center Practitioners

Vicki Olsen

Vicki Olsen

Practices In: Roy, Utah Cell Phone: 801-336-6918

LaVon Perkins

Practices In: Orem, Utah Cell Phone: 301-928-1929

Shanae Wilkinson

Practices In: Morgan, Utah Cell Phone: 801-668-1705

Ro Lene Preator

Practices In: North Ogden, Utah Cell Phone: 801-388-4996

Adrienne Gerrard

Practices In: Layton, Utah Cell Phone: 801-725-2725

Angie Winter

Angie Winter

Practices In: Layton, Utah Cell Phone: 801-671-4649

Karisa Williams

Practices In: Ogden, Utah Cell Phone: 801-791-8394

72 Bonnie Walker

Bonnie Walker

Practices In: Syracuse, Utah Cell Phone: 801-686-4392

Debbie Hepworth

Practices In: South Ogden, Utah Cell Phone: 801-726-9506

Jennie Stuart

Practices In: North Ogden, Utah Cell Phone: 801-603-6329

Cassie Tiede

Cassie Tiede

Practices In: Enoch, Utah Cell Phone: 435-632-5505

Julie Bingham

Practices In: Ogden, Utah Cell Phone: 801-726-8063

Debra Ellis

Practices In: Farr West Utah Cell Phone: 801-644-1711

Candice Butterfield

Practices In: South Ogden, Utah Cell Phone: 801-389-6141

Michelle Garfield

Practices In: Thatcher, Arizona Cell Phone: 801-628-5282

Kim Stewart

Practices In: Logan, Utah Home Phone: 435-213-3109

Cathy Bodily

Practices In: Hooper, Utah Cell Phone: 801-940-7207

Michelle Wahlen

Practices In: Harrisville, Utah Cell Phone: 801-589-1824

Kelli Sharp

Practices In: Logan, Utah Cell Phone: 435-764-4702

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