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What is Foot Zoning?

A method for balancing and healing the body using the complex signal system that exists in the feet.

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Ignite the Gift to Heal

That is inherent within each of us.

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Leading the Industry in Resources & Value

You will get the “Best of the Best when Certifying through Foot Zone Center

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FZC Educational Opportunities

Basic Home Course


This course was created for those who want a basic understanding of foot zoning that they can use for themselves and their own families. Learn more……

Advanced Certification


This course leads the industry in resources and value. Gain a very in depth knowledge of the foot zone technique and become a professional certified foot zone practitioner. Learn more……

Continuing Support


These classes are designed to keep you current on new foot zoning techniques and discoveries with continuing education opportunities on many levels. Learn more……

Teacher Training


Advanced opportunities to teach foot zoning as a qualified instructor and share your knowledge and skills with those desiring to learn. Learn more……

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