FZC Advanced Certification Course

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At Foot Zone Center we have highly qualified instructors’ eager to help you learn with a variety of schedules and times so that you can choose what works best for you. Get to know the instructors and when they are teaching their classes to find the option that best fits your individual needs.


Susan Tiede

Susan is married to her best friend, has four happily married children and eleven amazing grandchildren. She cherishes the time she gets to spend with each one of them. Susan is the CEO of Foot Zone Center and is one of the founders of the Utah Foot Zone Association. She is motivated by the many miracles she has witnessed in her family and field of work. She loves life and learning, sunshine, the smiles of children, reading good books, family vacations, and dancing with her husband. She gives God credit for all that is good in her life and believes that our trials can become our greatest blessings.

Next Class: Webinar Course-Begins September, 2017

Susan Tiede

Layton, Utah





Caralie Cash

Caralie is a wife, mother of four, student, teacher, business owner, cheerleader, chauffeur, tutor, daughter, friend, maid and mediocre cook. She has a deep belief in god, and He makes up all the difference in her world. She feels guilty every time she eats sugar, and happy every time she hits a green light. She enjoys reading, running, and organic gardening. Her family is her greatest blessing and her highest priority.

Next Class: Class Course in Progress

Caralie Cash

Pleasant View, Utah




Bonnie Walker

Bonnie is a wife, mother, friend and Foot Zone Practitioner. She first learned and experienced foot zoning after an illness that seemed to come out of nowhere. She could barely walk at the time and couldn’t even keep up a conversation for very long. She turned to foot zoning for relief and immediately noticed things happening in her body and brain as things reconnected and started communicating. This was a gift she had to share so she learned foot zoning to help those around her.

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Bonnie Walker

Newcastle area of NSW, Australia

61 498 666 141




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