FZC Advanced Certification Course

Outstanding Curriculum 

Foot Zone Center’s curriculum has been designed to help you get the most from your learning experience. Our main focus in class will be to learn the foot zone technique and the anatomy and physiology behind it. You will get lots of hands on practice to help you become comfortable with giving a foot zone.  In order to completely understand the zoning technique it is important to have an understanding of the body and how it works so we will also teach each body system and how it relates to the signal system of the feet.  You will gain a clear understanding of what you are feeling as you give a foot zone along with where you find different imbalances and blockages in the feet.  We will also discuss the emotional connections that we find in different areas as we zone and teach energy holds that can be done to enhance the zoning experience. There are many topics that will be introduced and discussed to help you gain a reservoir of knowledge. This will enable you to help the people you are zoning with a higher degree of confidence and success.

Live Class Course

This is a 7 to 9 month course where we meet for one weekend a month depending on the course and the teacher. We practice foot zoning and give valuable instruction and help as needed each month along with fun activities and study helps. Homework will be assigned that needs to be completed at the scheduled time.

Live Class Course-On-line

This is a 7 to 9 month course where we meet once a week as a class (on-line). We set aside specific days of class to practice foot zoning. Web cameras and smart phones are valuable tools in this process. Important instruction and help is given each week along with fun activities and study helps. Homework will be assigned that needs to be completed at the scheduled time.

FZC Advanced Training Course Includes

  • Live and/or on-line training where we meet weekly or monthly depending on class and instructor
  • Instruction in practical application of the foot zone technique
  • Instruction in anatomy & physiology
  • Instruction in energy zone techniques and applying energy work to foot zoning
  • Instruction on emotional release protocols in foot zoning
  • Inspiring and fun interactions that include Power Point presentations, games, and helpful study aids.
  • Instruction in business policies and procedures and financial success laws
  • Recordings of classes that you can review or watch to make up a missed class
  • Certification includes over 300 hours of personal instruction, on-line and home study, and application of 50 foot zones.
  • Lifetime access to Foot Zone Centers closed facebook group where you can share experiences, ask questions, and receive and give support with other members and teachers.

FZC Foot Zoning Books

  • Foot Zone Maps & Charts – Full Color, Detailed, Beautiful!
    • Full color maps on every page so you can easily see every signal with clear directions of how to apply each technique.
    • Includes hundreds of signals beyond what is taught in most basic and advanced foot zoning classes.
    • Anatomy Illustrations that coordinate with the foot zoning signals on each page.
  • Introduction to Foot Zoning
    • Includes information every foot zone practitioner should know to be successful.

FZC Anatomy & Physiology Books

Written specifically for foot zoning and how to apply this knowledge in a foot zone. Amazing Charts and diagrams included…. “Because a picture is worth a 1000 words”. Coloring pages of foot zone application included in each book to further your understanding of how to apply this knowledge to foot zoning.

  • Structural System
  • Lymph & Immune System
  • Respiratory & Urinary Systems
  • Digestive System
  • Endocrine & Reproductive Systems
  • Cardiovascular System
  • Nervous System
  • Resource Book

FZC Foot Zone Demonstrations (On-line Recordings)

  • Foot Zoning Videos

Easy to follow instruction of how to see and apply the foot zone technique to each area of the foot.

  • Outside of Foot
  • Top of Foot
  • Inside of Foot
  • Bottom of Foot
  • Energy Zone Techniques
  • Animated Power Points

Animated instruction illustrating how to apply foot zoning with detailed steps.

  • Outside of Foot
  • Top of Foot
  • Inside of Foot
  • Bottom of Foot
  • Energy Zone Techniques

FZC Instruction Videos (On-line Recordings)

  • Introduction to Foot Zoning Video

Includes instruction about classes, homework assignments, business, foot zoning practical’s and information every foot zone practitioner should know to be successful.

FZC Anatomy & Physiology and its Relation to Foot Zoning (On-Line-Recordings)

  • Structural System Information
  • Structural System Zoning
  • Lymph & Immune Information
  • Lymph and Immune Zoning
  • Respiratory System Information
  • Respiratory System Zoning
  • Urinary System Information
  • Urinary System Zoning
  • Digestive System Information
  • Digestive System Zoning
  • Endocrine & Reproductive Information
  • Endocrine & Reproductive Zoning
  • Cardiovascular System Information
  • Cardiovascular System Zoning
  • Nervous System Information
  • Nervous System Zoning

Recordings of classes

For you to access to review anytime you want or if you had to miss a class and need to make it up.

Homework Assignments

Designed to help you better understand and remember the things discussed in class, recordings and videos.

Beautiful Detailed Charts

Many charts are available with this course that will help you on your road to success with many different available sizes. These charts include:

  • Foot Zone Anatomy Charts for each area of the foot (Beautifully illustrated with accurate details)
  • Anatomy & Physiology Charts for each specific body system (Professional & Informative)
  • Foot Zone Anatomy Charts for each specific body system (Colored charts showing details of where 100’s of signals are located on the feet)
  • Other Foot Zoning Charts to enhance understanding of foot zoning (Includes detailed signals in different organs, what disturbances may feel like when zoning, chakra charts, and more)