FZC Advanced Certification Course

FZC Advanced Certification Course – Value Pricing

FZC Advanced Certification Course – Value Pricing!

Foot Zone Center offers a highly comprehensive and advanced course valued at $32,000. This is like a college education in the field of foot zoning that we are offering for $3,995. That’s less than a semester of college….WOW! Take advantage of this opportunity to get the best education possible in this amazing modality!

You cannot get a better education in foot zoning anywhere! When you take classes from us you will leave with a complete knowledge of a highly advanced foot zone and how to use it to create HEALTH & WEALTH! This program has been designed with the student and learning process in mind and the Professional Training & Materials you receive will put you on the road to SUCCESS. Make sure you check out all the resources that come with our program and curriculum.  They are incredible!  Plus, you will become a part of our ever growing community of FZC Certified Professional Foot Zone Practitioners and be able to get continued support throughout the rest of your life. We are dedicated to raising the standard of foot zoning! If you want to be a part of a highly knowledgeable and committed community we invite you to join us!

We have invested over $200,000 into the creation of our curriculum to make this the Best Learning Experience Available. It has been designed to help each student learn and understand foot zoning so that you will graduate with knowledge and confidence to succeed as a foot zone practitioner. We guarantee that learning foot zoning from us with be an outstanding educational experience that you will love!