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HI! I’m Bonnie, I’m a wife, mother, friend and Foot Zone Practitioner. I first came to learn and experience the foot zone after a couple years of illness that seemed to come out of nowhere. After seeing doctors who kept prescribing medicinal band-aids of all kinds rather than help me figure out what’s wrong and fix it, I felt there was nothing to look forward to but death, literally. I could barely walk at the time and I couldn’t keep up a conversation for more than a minute or two. My sister in law, bless her heart, suggested I try something different, a foot zone. I was willing to try anything to return to a fuller life. While meeting with a Foot Zone practitioner I immediately noticed things happening in my body and brain, I have since learned that I was “reconnecting” to myself. My body was communicating with itself as if a switch was turned on. After a couple of sessions I could see how this was improving my health and there was just no way I couldn’t learn this to help those around me. It was/is a gift and I have to share it. This doesn’t mean that I am a perfect specimen of health today, I do have other things that I’m working to improve my quality of life as a whole. I think we all have something where we can use improvement, right? Come experience a new way of health through Foot Zoning.
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