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About Me

Susan Tiede: CEO/Owner/Instructor

Susan is a cheerful, optimistic, inspired teacher and leader who loves learning and teaching what she has learned to others. She is dedicated to her profession and understands the importance of good health habits and caring for our physical bodies along with the importance of taking care of our emotional, mental, and spiritual selves. She loves how all of these aspects in each individual can be addressed using the signal system found in the feet to bring balance and greater health and happiness to individuals who are struggling in any of these areas. Susan is devoted to her family and loves the one on one interaction she experiences while zoning them. She is madly in love with her husband, best friend and eternal dance partner. She dearly loves her four children and their amazing spouses and her fifteen talented, vibrant, amazing grandchildren who are the joy of her life.

As with everyone in life, Susan has experienced her own personal challenges. She lost her fourth baby to SIDS and as a young mother was diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. She experienced symptoms of this disease for many years before it was given a name. She struggled with feeling achy all the time and felt like she always had the flu. She felt toxic and sick. She also suffered with varying degrees of depression which she disliked more than the pain of fibromyalgia, and was constantly looking for answers and ways to feel better. She pursued many alternative healing practices and saw many doctors. She is grateful for a husband and a family who never gave up on her and continually supported her in efforts to regain health and happiness.

After struggling with this disease for many years she was introduced to foot zoning. This was the beginning of a journey that brought her back to health and became the foundation of her enthusiasm to share what she has learned with others. She believes in the importance of education and learning all that you can to be successful. She has experience in many different educational settings both as a student and as an instructor. Her full story is published in “The Healers Call”-Book Two

Education: Susan lives by advice given from Camilla Kimball (one of her heroes) who said “Acquire all the education possible so you can accomplish your life’s work”.  Susan has completed 4 master and advanced certifications in foot zoning. She has utilized the best of what she has learned and her own experience and talents as an educator to develop Foot Zone Center’s complete and comprehensive program. She believes that learning should be an experience that fosters success! She has invested thousands in the development of Foot Zone Center’s Training Programs to see that each of her students get the best education possible.

Certifications in Foot Zoning:  Master & Advanced Certifications from Nordblom Institute of Footzonology,  Zone Rejuvenation, and Wellness Life Zone

Other Certifications & Classes: Global Leadership Training with classes and certifications in energy connection, integrative health, chrysalis classes, nutrition & women’s health, body language, influence, mentoring, presenting, impact to income, and mastering the mind.

Extensive Studies & Research: Anatomy & physiology, energy work, nutrition, essential oils, gemstones, homeopathy, herbs, chakras, meridians, aura’s, thought processing, mastering your mindset, and living the laws of happiness and abundance.

Service in the Foot Zone Industry: Secretary of the Utah Foot Zone Association (created so foot zone practitioners could zone legally in Utah). 

Author and Creator of Foot Zone Center’s Curriculum: After many years of experience as a skilled foot zone professional Susan felt compelled to create her own curriculum in order to raise the common standard practice of foot zoning to a higher level. She desired to share all the knowledge she gained from her experience as an educated, seasoned and competent foot zone professional and use her talent for detail, and organization to develop well-thought out and up-to-date materials that helps students to gain a better understanding of this amazing modality. Her professinal curriculum provides well organized easy to understand information and recorded resources that students and graduates can refer to anytime to find help when they need it. She believes in the power of intent and has implemented it into every aspect of the foot zone so that proper techniques can be used to get the most benefit from every zoning experience. Her advanced curriculum contains all the up-to-date signals and features professionals need to help themselves, families and clients get the results they are looking for. The classes she has created are informational, fun, and designed to help students gain skills through experience in many different learning styles. Susan loves teaching and is thrilled with the success of her students!

Susan Tiede

Santaquin, Utah


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