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Basic Family Foot Zone Course


This "Basic Family Foot Zone Course" makes learning foot zoning easy & affordable.  We want to help your family enjoy greater health and happiness.  This is a great tool to literally have at your fingertips to help your family in any situation.



There are many aspects involved in helping your family to live a truly happy and healthy life.  You are much more than just a physical being with a physical body.  To be truly healthy you need to address several components of health.  These include the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects. 


Foot zoning helps in many ways with all the challenges we have in life.  



Foot zoning connects us to our perfect blueprint.  This blueprint is inherent in each of us.  It is who we are in our most "divine" state.  It is our highest self… that we are working to become. 


This is ultimately the very best part of who we are.  It resides in each of us and is unique to each individual. 

We were created to function from a state of wellness.  When we follow the foot zoning map and trigger the signals in the feet in the proper way and order it connects us to our divine possibilities.


It releases blockages so we can more easily connect to inherent healing energy, and brings peace to our lives. 


We each have a basic need to belong.  We long for connection to others and to a higher power. 


Family is where we experience our deepest and most powerful relationships. 


We can nourish our families through interacting with them in healthy ways.  This is what truly makes life worthwhile! 


One of the most powerful forces in the world is the power of touch. 


Touch is a powerful form of communication.  We often and without even noticing share our thoughts and intents with just a touch. 


It is a universal language that allows us to share love and concern for one another. 


Foot zoning is a wonderful way for parents to connect with children.  When you zone with the intent to connect to the very best of who they are it changes the way that you look at them and helps you to see their divine potential. 


Connecting with your family through foot zoning is one of the sweetest things you will ever experience. 


Foot zoning will give you the power to influence your family in a loving and caring environment. 


It will give you the ability to enjoy deeper meaning in your relationships with one another. 


I love foot zoning my family and the opportunity it gives me to connect with them on a spiritual level. 


Sometimes without saying anything.  That kind of love is powerful!



It’s crazy how the thoughts we have affect how we feel about ourselves and how we interact with our families. 


Although foot zoning doesn't control thoughts, it can help to clear the damaging effects of disturbing thoughts and images your family inadvertently experiences each day. 


This is especially important for children.  They are exposed to so many things in this world that can cause havoc in their young and tender little minds. 


Wouldn't you just love to have a way to consistently clear the damage away?


One night when I was visiting my daughter, my little granddaughter woke up screaming.  She acted terrified of something. 


My daughter desperately tried everything she could think of to calm her down but she just kept screaming at the top of her lungs. 


If you are a parent you have probably had a similar experience. 


My tender heart was hurting for her so I began gently zoning her little feet with the intent to clear any mental images that might be frightening her. 


She immediately quieted down.  I mean immediately! 


It was amazing how she went from uncontrollable screaming to total peace within seconds. 


Her mom and I just looked at each other like.... What just happened!?



Foot zoning raises the vibration of your entire being so that you feel lighter and happier. 


It is a great way to relieve stress in the family.  One person under a lot of stress changes the dynamics in your entire home. 


We have all experienced times in our families when someone is having a bad day.  It is not just hard for them... it affects everyone... right? 


Foot zoning is a fantastic way to release emotional turmoil and calm down after a bad day at school or work. 


You can imagine how rewarding it is to see a distraught child walk away from a foot zone with a new outlook on life.


I learned foot zoning when my youngest daughter was a teenager.  Yes... teenage years can be challenging! 


I will forever cherish the monthly...  often weekly… opportunities I had to give her a foot zone. 


Somehow this created a safe place for her to share the challenges she was going through and allowed me to help her through them. 


I'm not going to lie... sometimes our relationship struggled... but the bond we created through regular foot zone sessions helped us to truly connect in a way that nothing else could.


Can you imagine what it would be like to have a way to help your family release the hurt, anger, discouragement, and sadness that happens in your lives? 


Letting go of these emotions will give you and your family true freedom from emotional trauma. 


That is pretty amazing, isn't it?



When someone you love is sick or in pain you are very aware of the importance of physical health.


Foot zoning aids the systems in the body to communicate more efficiently. This leads to greater health and the ability to heal faster.  


When my children or grandchildren feel sick or get hurt the first thing they ask for is a foot zone.  They know from past experience that it really works. 


Luckily, most of my grandchildren have immediate access to foot zoning because their moms have learned it.  As a grandma I am grateful that I can also zone and connect with them through this amazing gift. 


I love seeing amazing results from foot zoning!



Do you want to learn a skill that will help you and your family enjoy abundant health and happiness?


Would you like to enjoy experiences like these in your life? 


Is this something that you feel would be better for your family... sometime in the future... or is now the time?


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Because we all know that families are busy and time is a valuable commodity we have made this as simple and convenient as possible. 


This is an online course!  You can start right now. 


The "Basic Family Foot Zone Course" includes 17 lessons with video instruction that you can go through at your own pace. 


It also includes 3 beautifully illustrated books that will be sent to you after you enroll in the course.


You may choose to learn it all in 3 days or take your time and master these skill over a few weeks… all without ever having to leave the comfort of your own home. 


What's even better is you can practice on your children as you are learning it!   


You also get to meet one time with an instructor to get whatever questions you might have answered.


We recommend you finish the course and practice your new skills. Write down your questions and come prepared.


Contact an instructor or Susan Tiede to schedule a time.



This course is affordable for every family who wants the benefits of having foot zoning in their lives.


I promise that if you enroll in this course and use the skills that are taught you will never regret it. 


This “Basic Family Course” was created because we care so much about our world and the importance of having healthy families. 


It is the most affordable and effective family zone on the market.


Whatever it takes to make it happen is worth it!


 Click Here to Enroll in the Basic Family Course


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