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Awaken to Healing Video

Want to Learn More About Foot Zoning


Watch this instructional video to get more insights about foot zoning.  You will get to hear my story and how foot zoning changed my life. You will also learn how to stop a sore throat, one way to release trapped emotions, open up your heart to receive revelation and balance the right and left brain so you can make better decisions.


Awaken Healing: An Introduction to Foot Zoning




If you are looking for more information about finding a practitioner or the courses we offer.  Click the links below...

The Basic Family Foot Course is for you if you just want a simple foot zone to use on yourself and immediate family. This is NOT a certification course. You must be certified to legally zone anyone outside of your family.

The Foundation Certification Course is a NEW course we are offering because we saw so many people wanting to get certified so they could zone their extended family and friends legally and also get paid for their skills. This is a GREAT zone and course that helps most people with most problems. We recommend this course for those who may want to zone part time and help the people they care about. The next foundational course is starting May 29, 2024

We recommend the Advanced Certification Course if you want to learn everything there is to know about foot zoning and do it as a full-time business. The next course advanced course is starting Oct. 8, 2024


Click here to find a practitioner and schedule a foot zone


Click here for information about the Basic Family Foot Zone Course


Click here for information about the Foundation Certification Course


Click here for information about the Advanced Certification Course


We would love to have you join us. Please contact us if you have any questions.