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Basic Family Foot Zone


Healthy societies begin with healthy families! We have created the Basic Family Foot Zone Course to make learning foot zoning easy and affordable for you so that your family may enjoy greater health and happiness. This is a great tool to literally have at your fingertips to help your family in any situation.


There are many aspects involved in helpiong your family to live a truly happy and healthy life. You are much more than just a physical being with a physical body. To be truly healthy you need to address several components of health. These include the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects.


When you or your loved one is in pain or sick you are very aware of your physical health... and lack thereof. Foot zoning aids in your ability to heal faster when you aren't feeling well. That would be nice, wouldn't it! Obviously choosing a healthy diet and exercising are also important.


The emotions or feelings you have and how you deal with them ultimately determine if you are happy or not. Foot zoning helps you to release negative emotions and the effects they have on your bodies. Can you imagine what it would be like to have emotional freedom? That would be pretty incredible wouldn't it?


The thoughts you have affect how you feel about yourself and how you interact with the world. Although foot zoning doesn't control your thoughts it can help to clear the damagine effects of disturbing thoughts and images you inadvertently experience each day. This is especially important for children. You can see that, can't you? It can also help you to be aware of thoughts that would be beneficial to change.


We all have a soul or spirit that needs nourishment and longs for connection to others and to a higher power. This is what truly makes life worthwhile, isn't it!  We can nourish our spirit through healthy relationships, prayer or meditation, study of scriptures and uplifting books along with listening to good music. Foot zoning will give you an overall sense of well-bing that will enable you to enjoy deeper connections.


In foot zoning we take into consideration these four components of your health. We access your entire being in all these areas. Foot zoning connects you to your perfect blueprint of who you are in your most divine state of being. This is ultimately who you were created to be or become. When we follow the map and trigger the signals in the feet in a specific order it reminds your body of what it is supposed to be. With all the challenges you have in your life your body often needs a reminder of how it was created to function. This allows the different components of health in your body to work together to achieve wellness. Foot zoning has helped my family in many ways. If it's okay, I would like to share a few stories in each of these areas of health with you.


Physical: When my children or grandchildren get hurt or sick the first thing they ask for is a foot zone. I feel bad when my loved one's aren't feeling well. I would do anything to help them feel better. You know what I mean, don't you? I love it when they ask me for a foot zone. Experience has taught them that they will get well fast after being zoned.


Emotional: Foot zoning is a great way to relieve stress as it raises the vibration of the body so that you feel lighter and happier. It is a fantastic way to release emotional baggage and calm down after a bad day at school or work. My daughters often zone their children when they are struggling emotionally from school and other activities. This frees their children (and mom... if you know what I mean), from the emotional turmoil inside of them. You can imagine how rewarding it is to see your once distraught child walk away from a foot zone with a new outlook on life.


Mental: One night when I was visiting my daughters family my little 14 month old granddaughter woke up screaming. She seemed terrified of something. My daughter desperately tried everything she could think of to calm her down. My tender heart was hurting for her so I went into the room and began gently zoning her feet to clear mental images. Her little girl immediately stopped screaming and quieted down. I was amazed at how quickly it brought her peace as she returned to her happy little self.


Spiritual: Let me just mention the power of touch here.  Amazing! Isn't it? Touch is a powerful form of communication. We often and without even noticing share our thoughts and intents with just a touch. It is a universal language that allows us to share love and concern for one another. I love foot zoning my family and the opportunity it gives me to connect with them.


Are these experiences that you would like to be enjoying in your life? I'll bet they are, aren't they! Is now the time to learn a skill that will help you and your family enjoy abundant health and happiness?


A list of what is included in the course is found in the download below:


Basic Family Zone Curriculum


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