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Susan Tiede
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What is Foot Zoning?
A method for balancing and healing the body using the complex signal system that exists in the feet.
Ignite the Gift to Heal
That is inherent within each of us.
You will get the “Best of the Best when Certifying through Foot Zone Center
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FZC Educational Opportunities


Basic Family Course

Created for those who want to learn an extraordinary basic foot zone and want to use these techniques to get phenomenal results for self and family.

Advanced Certification

Become a qualified foot zone business professional with added skills in health & wellness. Leading the industry in value.

Foundational Certification

Learn exceptional foundational skills to zone friends and family as a certified practitioner.

Teacher Training

Opportunities to teach foot zoning as a qualified instructor and share your knowledge and skills with those desiring to learn.

Student Resources, Health & Wellness, & Inspiring Stories






"Susan is a master at what she does.  I came away from our foot zone session feeling renewed, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  She was very responsive to my unique needs and helped me to find answers to problems I'd been looking for months to find.  In addition to those major finds the ear pain I'd also been experiencing was dramatically better. I'd send any of my closest friends and family to go see her and I know they'd be well taken care of.  Thank-you Susan for what you do, and even more importantly who you are."

Emily W.

“I used get chronic migraines.  Now when I start to get a headache the first thing I turn to is getting my feet zoned.  It has really helped to free me of the debilitating pain and be able to enjoy my life more.” 

Matt A.

“I have suffered from chronic back pain most of my life. Even though I have seen chiropractors, exercised, and done physical therapy I get the most pain relief when I get my feet zoned.”  

Brent S.

“I absolutely love having a foot zone.  I have been suffering with migraine headaches for years and feel that having a zone always helps me to feel more balanced.  I have a feeling of well being and am able to sleep better. I feel that regular foot zones along with good nutrition, exercise, and proper sleep are good choices in bringing my body back to balance.”  

Rilla S.

“I decided to try foot zoning because I have severe fibromyalgia. Being zoned helped me to identify root causes of pain and has enabled me to begin dealing with those problems. I feel enabled, and like I’m finally more in control of my health. I would recommend foot zoning to people who want help with any and all illnesses, or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each foot zone is unique. You’ll be surprised about how foot zoning can heal your body of generations of problems and about how peaceful and serene you can feel even in a hectic world as it clears energies and gets down to what is really wrong in your body.”

Chelsea S.