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What is Foot Zoning?
A method for balancing and healing the body using the complex signal system that exists in the feet.
Ignite the Gift to Heal
That is inherent within each of us.
You will get the “Best of the Best when Certifying through Foot Zone Center
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FZC Educational Opportunities


Basic Family Course

Created for those who want to learn an extraordinary basic foot zone and want to use these techniques to get phenomenal results for self and family.

Advanced Certification

Become a qualified foot zone professional with in depth knowledge of foot zone techniques, anatomy & physiology, & health & wellness. Leading the industry in value.

Continuing Support

Resources for graduates to grow your business.  Dive deep into specific conditions with focus on zoning & application of health & wellness principles to get great results.

Teacher Training

Opportunities to teach foot zoning as a qualified instructor and share your knowledge and skills with those desiring to learn.

Student Resources, Health & Wellness, & Inspiring Stories






When my daughter gets foot zones her whole mood shifts.  She is much happier.  She is calm and deals with life so much easier.  I wish I could bring her more often.  She loves it and looks forward to it each time.  She has come to know her higher self better and she is learning to trust her feellings.

Becca Berg

“Overall, I feel great after receiving a foot zone! It feels like my whole body is functioning on a higher level and I am more relaxed, yet energized. It has helped me in multiple instances with pain, especially cramps ladies! I can’t go more than a month without getting a foot zone, it is a truly remarkable modality.”

Michelle Garfield

“We, as a family of seven turn to getting our feet zoned when we aren’t feeling well or have been injured. It’s amazing how foot zoning can stop an illness in its tracks or help the recovery time from injuries go much quicker.  It has been a key factor in helping our family with migraines, bed wetting, attention problems, illness, injuries, and emotional issues. We have saved tons of money in doctor visits when we combine this with a healthy diet and the use of other things such as essential oils.  This is something every family needs!”

Sharina Adams

"Foot Zoning is a Wonder! Improving my kidney function is only a part of what it does for me. It has also helped in controlling pain, improving my memory, building strength, improving circulation, and controlling panic attacks!"

Neil Cowles