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Inspiring Stories

Colitis, Allergies, Cancer & Asthma

As a young teenager I had a lot of pain from colitis and allergies. I went to quite a few doctors and didn't get any relief. My mom decided to try a holistic route which included Foot Zone therapy. Every time I went I noticed I had less pain, less asthma, and better digestive function. I had no idea how it worked but I noticed a marked difference every time. My practitioner passed away after living a full life with cancer for 20 years because of foot zoning and a healthy diet.

Generational Clearing

“Wow! I feel my family’s energy REALLY WELL!  Jacob is 12 years old and has a very special spirit and very tender heart.  I felt so much heavy energy and emotional stuff when I zoned him. What came to my mind was that this was generational stuff from one or more grandpas.  So I had him do some visualization as I was finishing up zoning him.


Friend who Lost Loved One

I had the opportunity to zone a friend who had recently lost a loved one. Understandably, a lot of emotional stuff surfaced in the zone that we were able to clear out.  Much of the turmoil came from thought processes stemming from ideas that she “Could have, should have, and would have done things different” if only she had known. How many of us have struggled with this process when we lose someone we love?

Grateful for Immediate Access to Foot Zoning!

Today, I am especially grateful that I can zone myself. I woke up a few nights ago with weird sinus stuff going on.  After tossing and turning for an hour I decided to get up and zone my feet. I went back to bed and when I woke up in the morning it was mostly gone, and by the end of the day after using some essential oils I felt completely better. Two days later I got a sore throat, and decided to zone the immune system again. I drank some herbal tea and went to bed. By morning the sore throat was gone.