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Colitis, Allergies, Cancer & Asthma

As a young teenager I had a lot of pain from colitis and allergies. I went to quite a few doctors and didn't get any relief. My mom decided to try a holistic route which included Foot Zone therapy. Every time I went I noticed I had less pain, less asthma, and better digestive function. I had no idea how it worked but I noticed a marked difference every time. My practitioner passed away after living a full life with cancer for 20 years because of foot zoning and a healthy diet. Since then I wanted to learn this wonderful modality and was reintroduced to foot zoning at a health conference I attended. I was so excited to find a program that I could take to get certified! I have already witnessed incredible results with my family! My son and daughter have never been able to bypass steroids when they have had asthma flare-up. Flare-ups would typically happen every two months. If I tried to get them through it without taking steroids they would end up in the hospital. But since starting my course about 10 months ago neither of them have had to have a single dose of steroids! I'm so grateful for the introduction to foot zoning which helped me so much as a teenager and for Susan Tiede for teaching me this incredible modality.

Charity Checketts