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What are Clients Saying?

"Susan is a master at what she does.  I came away from our foot zone session feeling renewed, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  She was very responsive to my unique needs and helped me to find answers to problems I'd been looking for months to find.  In addition to those major finds the ear pain I'd also been experiencing was dramatically better. I'd send any of my closest friends and family to go see her and I know they'd be well taken care of.  Thank-you Susan for what you do, and even more importantly who you are."

Emily W.

“I used get chronic migraines.  Now when I start to get a headache the first thing I turn to is getting my feet zoned.  It has really helped to free me of the debilitating pain and be able to enjoy my life more.” 

Matt A.

“I have suffered from chronic back pain most of my life. Even though I have seen chiropractors, exercised, and done physical therapy I get the most pain relief when I get my feet zoned.”  

Brent S.

“I absolutely love having a foot zone.  I have been suffering with migraine headaches for years and feel that having a zone always helps me to feel more balanced.  I have a feeling of well being and am able to sleep better. I feel that regular foot zones along with good nutrition, exercise, and proper sleep are good choices in bringing my body back to balance.”  

Rilla S.

“I decided to try foot zoning because I have severe fibromyalgia. Being zoned helped me to identify root causes of pain and has enabled me to begin dealing with those problems. I feel enabled, and like I’m finally more in control of my health. I would recommend foot zoning to people who want help with any and all illnesses, or want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Each foot zone is unique. You’ll be surprised about how foot zoning can heal your body of generations of problems and about how peaceful and serene you can feel even in a hectic world as it clears energies and gets down to what is really wrong in your body.”

Chelsea S.

“I first went to Susan because I was having trouble with Giant Urticaria, and Angioedema. After several different consultations with different doctors, no one seemed to know what was wrong with me. I loved getting my feet zoned with Susan.  She is so in tune with the body and so knowledgeable about what she does.  She not only zoned me but also gave me several recommendations of remedies to try, i.e. homeopathic s, essential oils, kefir, skin brushing, green drinks etc.  I have been doing them continuously since she gave me the advice.  The hives have not gone away, but seem to be more manageable with her expertise, and my overall health has improved greatly.  Susan is the Best!  She is caring, and helpful, and so easy to talk to.  I would recommend her to anyone who has health concerns of any kind.  She can help!”

Mindy A.

“I have been going to Susan for the past 2 years.  When I started I had some foot issues and other things that I didn’t realize until I had the blessing of figuring out some things that needed to be calmed and adjusted through foot zoning. I have found that if I would listen to my body during a zone, I felt warmth after and during the experience.  I love this!!!!  Thank you Susan for your knowledge and gift you have given me and others.”  

Ruth H.

"I went to the dentist to get a crown.  When he gave me the shot to numb my mouth, I had a reaction to it which made me shaky and cold.  Since then I felt like I have this anxious energy flowing through my body.  When I was getting a foot zone, Susan felt the electric energy in my upper jaw.  As she worked on releasing it I closed my eyes to… let it go. Right then and there I felt it leave my face. Wow, Amazing! Thank-you."

Pauline P.

I came to Susan because of multiple medical issues most of which had bothered me for thirty years or more. I have had issues with excess stomach acid since I was 17. I am one of the few that does not have the H. pylori bacteria with my ulcers. I also have issues with allergies since I was 20 years old and they have gotten worse and worse over the years to the point where they affect me on a daily basis.  My experience with Susan was wonderful. As the process proceeded I felt more awake and at a very high energy level. I was able to release many negative emotions and return my body to a positive energy. Since being zoned I have stopped taking my medications, and have had no need to start them again. I really look forward to another session with Susan and have and will continue to recommend her. 

Ken G.

"When my daughter gets foot zones her whole mood shifts.  She is much happier.  She is calm and deals with life so much easier.  I wish I could bring her more often.  She loves it and looks forward to it each time.  She has come to know her higher self better and she is learning to trust her feelings."

Becca B.