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Advanced Certification Course Information

Passionate about health & wellness… and helping others?  Imagine this… 


You are a master at what you do… Clients love coming to you when they’re struggling because you know how to address their difficult problems through foot zoning.  They love every zone you give them because they feel better physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually after they’ve been in your hands. They never knew life could feel so good.



With Foot Zone Center You Will…

You can do it!  We know you can.


With advanced foot zoning skills, In-depth anatomy & physiology, and health and wellness instruction you’ll understand how to support the whole person with this amazing holistic approach to health.



Foot Zone Center’s is dedicated…


To raising the standard of foot zoning and ignite in every individual their inherent gift to heal. The advanced foot zone certification course is a 21 week course specially designed for the busy mom who is passionate about health & wellness.  Whether you’re interested in learning foot zoning for your own personal health, launching your career, or changing the world, we are here to help you succeed.  Our comprehensive curriculum covers everything you need to become a foot zone professional with an essential knowledge of anatomy & physiology and holistic health practices.



Are you wondering…



How do I start!


Click the I Want to Learn More button to watch a free video that will give you more information about this course.  You’ll hear how foot zoning makes it easy to help people enjoy greater health & vitality.  What we do that sets us apart from any other program and how we set you up so that you can achieve this.  Plus… we will give you access to another video that will teach you skills you can start using right now.

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 “The Advanced Certification Training Program provides incredible resources with detailed pictures, recordings, and reading material to cover every way of learning whether you are an audio or visual learner.  Learning is fun with games and quizzes in each class.  You get great study material to help you internalize all the information to certify and be successful in your foot zoning journey. Susan is very gifted with energy and emotional healing as she teaches foot zoning practices.  I love her classes and the gems you experience in this program.  Susan has the ability to feel the needs of her students and meet those needs while teaching.  Besides being professional in her practice, Susan is kind and generous with her time, her knowledge, and her resources.  When you are done with this course, you have everything you need to be successful in helping yourself and family and growing a business.”  -Lyn G. 


"I am currently a student in the advanced class.  I highly recommend taking this clas for anyone who wants to be a foot zone professional.  I can't say enough about how wonderful it is!  Both Holly and Susan are amazing!  I have learned so much from these gifted women. Every single week I look forward to my class and to see what I can learn and experience. I  am so excited to be a foot zone professional and to make a differene in people's lives. Thank-you Susan and Holly for leading the way." -Kimi P.


“My foot zone class through Foot Zone Center has been more difficult than I thought it would be.  It requires an extensive knowledge of the human body, as well as other tools to assist in healing, such as essential oils, homeopathics, and gem stones.  However, as I've learned a little more each week, I've learned that I CAN learn this, especially in the way that it is presented. We learn and review the material many times, through presentations, homework, correcting the homework, playing review games, and pop quizzes. If one keeps up on the homework and other assignments, you can learn the extensive material.  Class is encouraging and fun and we get tips to help us remember it all. I have learned to trust myself more as I zone my friends and family and potential clients.  I have seen my classmates do very well and know that foot zoning can help bring about wellness.  I am excited to see where this can take me, and fully intend to make a living as a foot zone practitioner.”  -Patrice C.


"I just want to tell you how much I loved this foot zone course. I recently met up with friends who took a foot zone course from someone else and they showed me their books.  It really gave me an appreciation for the effort put into creating Foot Zone Center.  Everything in this course goes into a lot more detail.  Thanks for giving me the chance to work with you" -Amy P.


“Attending Foot Zone Center’s advanced course has been an incredible investment! Classes are well prepared and thorough. I very much appreciate the professionalism. The education materials are by far the best I have seen and I will be using them as a reference for many years to come. Full color diagrams are well supported by written text and hands-on practice to create a full experience. This class introduced me to concepts of zoning that help me put all of the pieces of my previous experience together. My foot zoning picture is becoming much better and brighter thanks to this course.”   -Kim S.


The Training & the Program


We meet online each weeks for 2 hours unless there is a holiday. We use a proven system of learning… using small blocks of time… that helps you accomplish more… by taking baby steps… each week…. To get BIG results in just 21 weeks.  You will learn and practice the zone using our easy to follow videos with help from your instructor and carefully prepared homework.  We also love getting together to practice zoning each other in person.



Here are the certification requirements


1. Participation in class instruction and hands on practice to include:

  • Instruction and demonstration in the advanced foot zone technique
  • Practical application of the advanced foot zone technique
  • Instruction in in-depth anatomy and physiology
  • Instruction in supplementary health information that supports foot zoning
  • Instruction in Foot Zone Center business standards and ethics

2. Completion of homework assignments that must be turned in on time.

3. Demonstrating a complete and correct zone to an instructor.

4. Completion of 50 foot zones.

5. Passing a comprehensive exam to show understanding in advanced foot zone techniques and anatomy and physiology.


Completing these requirements allows you to receive a certificate and become a Certified Advanced Foot Zone Professional.


Our Resources are Outstanding!



You get video instruction and books to go with all of the classes.  Each of your weekly classes that are held online are recorded for you.  Our maps and charts of the foot zone has 100’s of beautifully illustrated pages depicting how to zone each of the many, many advanced signals on the feet. The anatomy & physiology books are filled with in-depth information about the amazing human body and how to zone each system to get the best results.  Plus… you get a Resource and Health & Wellness book with 1000’s of pages of information that supports foot zoning and overall health.  And… you get lifetime access to all the videos and recordings on the website so you can access them anytime and anywhere.  It is absolutely phenomenal what you get with this course.


These are just a few of the topics you will study along with learning advanced foot zoning techniques and in-depth anatomy & physiology…



Check that it’s right for YOU…



How do I know if becoming a foot zone practitioner is right for me?


Becoming a foot zone professional is the first step to developing a thriving business and healthy lifestyle.  It’s something you’ve been waiting for and you have this inner voice… gut feeling that you just need to do this. These might be some of your desires…



Life-Changing Education


Revitalize your health, live with passion, transform your relationships and feel secure in your career.  You will learn all you need to know and receive countless benefits through our life changing curriculum.  We’re not just a training program.  We’re a community that cares about and supports you.  As an advanced foot zone professional, you will be paid for helping others live happier and healthier lives. 



How do I start!


Click the I Want to Learn More button to watch a free video that will give you more information about this course.  You’ll hear how foot zoning makes it easy to help people enjoy greater health & vitality.  What we do that sets us apart from any other program and how we set you up so that you can achieve this.  Plus… we will give you access to another video that will teach you skills you can start using right now.

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“I cannot say enough positive things about the class through the Foot Zone Center. The insight and teaching methods are invaluable. These classes offer insights that promote natural healing and overall wellness of the body systems. The books are detailed and thorough and provide the understanding of the zone technique as well as a basic knowledge of supplemental information. Taking the class has changed my life, and that of my family, as well as the clients I now treat. Susan is a gifted teacher with so much to offer. She was approachable and taught to a wide range of learning styles. The “hands-on” experience helped me feel confident in my role as a zone therapist to help others. Thank you!”  -Angie W.


“Foot Zone Center provided me with an uplifting learning environment with a lot of valuable information. It was very helpful to have a “textbook” to go with the class that we worked out of and had for reference when studying on our own. The illustrations of how the signal system of the body sits on the feet were helpful and having the zone drawn professionally made it a lot easier to learn, with specific guidelines to know exactly where you are and what you are zoning.”   -Michelle T.


“Susan is a gifted foot zoner.  My experience with her has been positive from day one.  She is a great listener and very intuitive.  She has a gift from God that has personally blessed my life and my children’s life.   She is great at seeing the connections between our physical health, mental health, emotional health, and spiritual health.  I’ve also had the opportunity to take classes from Susan.  Her materials are incredibly detailed and thorough.  Her teaching style is easy to follow.  She is organized and has an incredible wealth of knowledge about health including herbs, homeopathics, essential oils, energy healing, etc.  She is continually learning and growing in this field of study.  She is easy to communicate with and responds personally and genuinely to the needs of the class.”   -Kami H.


This class was extremely detailed and informative! I began this foot zoning class knowing virtually nothing about the practice and finished with a solid understanding of foot zoning, how to do it and how it benefits people. I am excited to use this valuable skill to help people achieve improved health and an overall sense of well-being. I am grateful to the instructor for her tireless efforts to assist me on my journey to learn, practice and master foot zoning.”    -Cassady H.


“I started on my foot zone journey almost four years ago when I first went and took a two week crash course in foot zoning.  I’ve been thrilled to build upon in this course with Foot Zone Center.  My skills and understanding have increased weekly as I’ve learned more about the why of foot zoning and not just the how.  I’ve appreciated the in depth curriculum as well as the opportunity to ask questions of the instructor and the women in my class.  I’ve really felt my ability to feel things and understand what I’m feeling expand during the course of this class and cannot overstate how much clarity and focus this course has brought to my foot zoning.  The extras… like energy holds, essential oils, homeopathics, gemstones, nutrition etc. have also been enormously enriching for both me and my clients.  I feel like I was looking through a slightly smudgy window that has been cleaned during this class making everything about foot zoning clearer.  The other component of this course that I wasn’t expecting but has been wonderful is the relationships forged with the instructor and my classmates even over long distances.  I love the openness in class and the ability we have to learn from each other, ask questions and hear about each other’s progress. I’m sure I’ll rely on those relationships in the future when I have hard questions.  I’ve loved my months in this foot zone course and would do it again in a heartbeat.  Taking this class was by far one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”   -Mary H.


“As I am thinking about what I want to write so many things come to mind. Learning about Foot Zoning has been very eye opening for me in many different ways.  When I decided to take the class I had no idea how involved it was.  I didn't know anything about glands or hormones or chakras or gemstones or energy holds or any other number of things.  This class began a whole new way of life and new way of thinking for me.  I really wish I knew about this a long time ago.  Although I probably wouldn't have been able to accept it then the way I do now.  I still have a lot of fear, but with every class I realize that everyone has issues that they have to deal with.  I can't say I don't feel overwhelmed because I do, but I love the class and will continue on the best that I can.  Even though I haven't met any of my classmates face to face I have felt their love, encouragement, concern and prayer on my behalf and feel like it has helped me to keep going.  I appreciate this class so much for the fact that it's making me stretch and grow in so many ways. Even learning to understand my Heavenly Father in a more profound and deeper way.  I hope to continue to learn and grow so I can use the energy I believe that he's empowered us with. Though it may take me longer to learn the foot zone with confidence and be able to FEEL and know when I've done the right thing.  Thank you for your understanding and patience with me through my trials during this class.  I think it's a great class.”  -Ora M.



How do I start!


Click the I Want to Learn More button to watch a free video that will give you more information about this course.  You’ll hear how foot zoning makes it easy to help people enjoy greater health & vitality.  What we do that sets us apart from any other program and how we set you up so that you can achieve this.  Plus… we will give you access to another video that will teach you skills you can start using right now.

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