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Generational Clearing

“Wow! I feel my family’s energy REALLY WELL!  Jacob is 12 years old and has a very special spirit and very tender heart.  I felt so much heavy energy and emotional stuff when I zoned him. What came to my mind was that this was generational stuff from one or more grandpas.  So I had him do some visualization as I was finishing up zoning him.


I told Jacob to imagine he was standing in a white sparkly light and asked him to invite all his grandpas and great grandpas that want to release the emotions of stress, worry and fear to all come into the light.  As he was imagining this I asked him to do some deep cleansing breaths.  Then I asked him to invite Christ to be with them in the light.  I told him to imagine in his mind’s eye inviting the grandpas to lift all their worry, fear and stress burdens off their shoulders and lay them in Christ’s open arms.  I waited until he said they were all done.  Then I invited him to go to Christ and do the same and let his grandpas help him remove his stress, worries and fears.  As he was doing this I felt the energy start to change.  It was so cool!  He told me when he was done.  Then I told him to imagine purple light pouring down like a water fall on all of them and cleansing them. I told him to let it go as long as he felt he needed to… then to open his eyes when he was done.  I finished his zone by balancing the four energetic bodies and did the generational clearing energy hold. I asked that it be put on a cycle as he sleeps to have the energy pulled down into the earth, cleared and recycled. 


That blew me away.  First time I REALLY felt the energy strong and shift as well as the inspiration to have him visualize things.  Zoning my son was such an emotional experience!  Ok… that was really fun!! 


I know essential oils and gemstones are going to be my best friends especially when zoning my family after this experience.


Susan, I sure love you and appreciate your kindness and love!  {BIG HUG}”

Aimee Gibby