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This is what participants said about our last event!


"I left with more peace than I have felt in a long time. Each of these ladies are so knowledgeable and in tune with their inner power.  Time flew by and I was amazed (and dismayed) when I found the day was over."  Autumn


"Thank-you! Thank-you! Thank-you!  For all the wonderful information.  Much love." Debbie


"Thank-you teachers. Thank you for teaching us so many tools that we can use in our every day life.  I had beautiful moments that I need to recognize and work on.  I appreciate sharing your space. XOXO."  Stephanie


"Thank-you all for sharing your truths and wisdom with us." Alexia


"Thank-you so much for offering this day to us. It was very informative and taught in a great way!" Kathi


"Thank-you so much for taking this time to help me learn and grow to expand my experiences with holistic healing!" Kerstie


"I feel ready and empowered to love and forgive myself. I felt at home with this group and really felt a beautiful light in the room while learning. Thank-you for sharing this helpful information." Lupe


"Thank-you for your vulnerability and following your hearts and purpose to gain the knowledge and tools for holistic health and healing. For teaching through inspiration, courage and love. You are so appreciated! Love you! " Margaret


"Thank-you for sharing. Loved the reminders for self-care." Karen


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Thank you for coming and sharing in this beautiful day. We are looking forward to seeing you again. Stay posted for upcoming classes and events.

Love and Gratitude, from all of us