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Candida Detox Lifestyle Diet

Candida Detox Lifestyle Diet


All refined grains and refined sugars and substitutes forever (and anything that contains them - read labels)

Soy products

Red Meat & Pork (Some people can eat these sparingly when yeast is under control) Eating Grass Fed Beef that has not been given antibiotics or hormones is okay.


All Dairy Products (exceptions below)

May have:


All organic vegetables except russet potatoes

Meats: Sparingly

Chicken, Turkey, Fish, Grass Fed Beef & Eggs – preferably organic


All organic fruit


All beans (black, red, pinto, white, navy, garbanzo, etc.)


All whole grains-sprouted grains are best

Some people may not do well with certain grains so keep this in mind. Wheat is often a problem. Kamut and Spelt which are non-hybrid forms of wheat are often tolerated well.

Nuts & Seeds:

Nuts & seeds– preferably sprouted


Homemade and properly fermented Kefir and Yogurt

Cream cheese, sour cream, and some white cheeses can be tolerated by some after yeast is under control. Properly fermented cheeses are okay to use.


Stevia & Raw Unrefined Honey

Some may need to avoid honey for a while if yeast is a significant problem.