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Chakra Truth Statements-Book

Chakra Truth Statements-Book


You may have heard the verbiage “The truth shall set you free”.  The truth is... that we are children of God with divine potential.  When we are not aligned with who we truly are, lies and unbelief cause doubt to creep in. This leads to dis-ease in the body.


The truth statements in this book are divided into seven sections that relate to each of the seven chakras.  Our chakras are heavily influenced by our beliefs.  When we believe good things our chakras are healthy and vibrant.  When we let lies creep in, our chakras become unhealthy and dull.  Healthy chakras lead to a healthy body, mind and spirit.  Unhealthy chakras lead to disorder.


Some forms of lies fall into un-beliefs such as “I’m not enough, I’m weak, I don’t know how, I’m not wanted, I’m unloved, I’m a mistake, I’m not safe, I don’t deserve it, I’m a failure, I’m guilty…”  and the list goes on... and on.


You may be aware of these lies, but sometimes you are not.  Many times they hide in our subconscious.  Unfortunately, they play a huge role in how we interact with the world and determine how much joy we experience in life.


These truths were compiled as a way to effectively combat lies and unbelief.  I often test for truths that my clients need before I start a foot zone and then zone with the intent to bring all their body systems into alignment with these truths.  It has been astounding to see the difference it makes.


A truth and a lie cannot inhabit the same space at the same time.  As we focus and align with truth it becomes easier to access greater health in every aspect of our lives.


This book contains close to 1200 truth statements with instructions on how to find and use these truths.  These truth statements can be used in many ways.  You can find the specific ones needed or allow the person you are working with to intuitively choose what is needed by following the instructions outlined in the book.


Many use these truths as affirmations that they say every morning and every night. You can post them on your mirror or closet door and add them to your meditations. 


Even just reading through the pages will raise your vibration and contribute to your overall well-being. 


There is really no way you can go wrong. Every statement will bring you to a higher state of health and happiness.


Be creative in different ways to implement and use this information. 


You will find it to be life changing!


This is a download that you can print and also save on your phone, tablet or computer. 


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