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Fresh and Simple Ways to Beat Depression

Fresh and Simple Ways to Beat Depression



Tuition for this course has been reduced to $67 due to the high demand to better understand and maintain emotional health in our homes and communities. Valued at $245.00. 


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What’s included in this course?


* Valuable instruction: Broken up in bite size pieces.


* Super easy implementation:  Learn step by step with aids to help you remember what you are learning so you can easily apply it to your life. 


* Fourteen short video lessons:   In these lessons you will learn the common triggers of depression and the signs of depression. Then you will learn simple and effective ways to start enjoying every day of your life. You will see such drastic changes in your life as you apply what you learn that you will want to share what you are learning with others so they can do the same. You will be so glad you took the time and are making the effort to learn and carry through with what’s being taught.


* Outline/Notes: Downloadable and printable.  Watch videos and take notes at your own pace.


* Extras & Bonuses: “Five Minute Meditation”-Video, “Vitality & Health Affirmation”-Video, “The Power of Music”-Video, “The Power in Your Feet”-Video


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