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My name is Caralie Cash.  I am a single mother of three, student, teacher, business owner, cheerleader, chauffer, tutor, daughter, friend, maid and a mediocre cook.  I don't do any of these titles perfectly, but I have a beautiful life that I love to look at.  I have a deep belief in God, and He makes up all the difference in my world   I feel guilty every time I eat sugar, and happy every time I hit a green light. I enjoy reading, running and organic gardening. My family is my greatest blessing and my highest priority. I love what I do, and enjoy sharing it with others.  I have been a Certified Foot Zone Practitioner since 2004 and a Zoning Coach/Instructor since 2008.  Nope, feet do not freak me out. :)  I am committed to making a difference.   Every zoner has a story, but mine is my favorite.  My first child was born with kidneys that did not function.  We did it the doctors way until she was 5 years old, and out of desperation, started reaching out to several forms of alternative treatments. Out of everything we tried, the foot zoning impressed me the most.  As her mother, I felt almost a duty to learn how to do this myself so that I could take better care of her.  Zoning, nutrition, essential oils and lots and lots of prayers all contributed to her compete healing.  What a blessing this tool has been in my life and in the lives of all the people that I care about.
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Pleasant View, UT
United States