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Lindsey is the owner and creator of Sakura Phase in Harrisville, Utah. Lindsey's own healing journey started over 8 years ago by finding Foot Zoning. Throughout life being an avid promoter of physical health with exercise and diet, she discovered that mental and emotional health made a huge contribution in healing the physical body. Passionate about learning how to heal our selves holistically, She became certified in Foot zone therapy 6 years ago. She then became a Reiki master teacher & energy healer. What lights her up is the opportunity to teach others that we have the ability to heal from within. Being an example to others of how to discover our authentic self & trusting our intuition to live the life we choose to create. Lindsey has been blessed with a very special gift, to love others and see them for who they truly are. "Life is a gift, life is happening for us and with the right mind set, I truly believe we can create what our heart desires. I am passionate about the work I am blessed to do and want to help you start living the way you've always wanted by finding true joy in being YOU. "
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2267 N 225 W
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