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Susan lives by advice given from Camilla Kimball (one of her heroes) who said “Acquire all the education possible so you can accomplish your life’s work”. Susan has completed 4 master and advanced certifications in foot zoning. She is passionate about the creation of her own foot zoning program in order to lower the cost and raise the standard of foot zoning practices. Susan has written 14 outstanding books on this subject which include anatomy & physiology for foot zoning. She has extensively studied and received global leadership training with classes and certifications in mastering the mind, education, energy work, nutrition, essential oils, gemstones, homeopathy, herbs, chakras/meridians, and living the laws of happiness and abundance. She has invested in all of these things because she knows her life’s mission involves sharing with others how to access happiness, health & vitality. She is a master healer and educator who cares deeply about her clients and students success. Her intention is to do all that she can and trust God with the outcome of each person’s experience. This gives her freedom to share her vast amount of knowledge in a powerful and unforgettable way that changes lives and raises the vibration of the planet one tender sole at a time.
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