FZC Advanced Certification Course

Advanced Course Certification Requirements


Certification includes advanced foot zone class instruction, hands on practice, homework, testing and practicals and other information as described below:


1. Participation in class instruction and hands on practice to include:

  • Instruction and demonstration in the foot zone technique
  • Practical application of the foot zone technique
  • Instruction in basic anatomy and physiology
  • Instruction in supplementary health information
  • Instruction in Foot Zone Center business standards and ethics

2. Completion of homework assignments (Must be turned in on time).

3. Demonstrating a complete and correct zone to an instructor.

4. Completion of 50 foot zones.

5. Passing a comprehensive exam to show understanding in advanced foot zone techniques and anatomy and physiology.


Completing these requirements allows you to receive a certificate and become a Professional & Certified Advanced Foot Zone Practitioner.