FZC Advanced Certification Course | Foot Zone Center

FZC Advanced Certification Course

Advanced Course Certification Requirements


Certification includes advanced foot zone class instruction, hands on practice, homework, testing and practicals and other information as described below:

1. Participation in class instruction and hands on practice to include:

  • Instruction and demonstration in the foot zone technique
  • Practical application of the foot zone technique
  • Instruction in basic anatomy and physiology
  • Instruction in supplementary health information
  • Instruction in Foot Zone Center business standards and ethics

2. Completion of homework assignments (Must be turned in on time).

3. Demonstrating a complete and correct zone to an instructor.

4. Completion of 50 foot zones.

5. Passing a comprehensive exam to show understanding in advanced foot zone techniques and anatomy and physiology.

Completing these requirements allows you to receive a certificate and become a Professional & Certified Advanced Foot Zone Practitioner.

Helpful Information:

We meet online every week unless there is a holiday. You can get the complete details including days and times from your instructor.  Meeting every week helps you keep the information fresh in your mind. You will be able to retain more and learn faster with this method. You will love the convenience of this classroom situation.  We meet over Zoom. It is Awesome! You will need a computer or phone with a video camera to participate in class. You will be emailed a link to join the meetings before the first class starts.

You will receive homework each week. You will be expected to complete the homework and come prepared for each class.  Every class is recorded so if you miss a class you can watch the recording.  You will always have access to the online materials and recordings.  You will find this very helpful. The information you get in this course is phenomenal!  You will not find a better program anywhere, Guaranteed!